Thursday, February 17, 2011

cachet makes a hoop

I have made probably close to a hundred hoops now, i figured it was time to document it...
First, I picked up a lovely, compact coil of 100' 160 psi 3/4" irrigation pipe (in aisle 12 of my) Lowe's, along with a pack of 3/4" connectors.

You cut the tape and all hell breaks loose--it springs in all directions.

The custom hoop request is for a 40" hoop, so tape measure is handy.

I locate one end of the pipe and feel my way around to the spot I need to cut (which ends up being somewhere in the middle of the coil--there's no rhyme or reason).  I measure what I think (hope) is a 40" circle.

This tool is awesome--ratcheting cutters.  Cut through the pipe.

Oh, and i've boiled water and poured into the sink, because now I need to soften the ends to put it together.

This hooper wants a half of a cup of water in her hoop, so I pour that in...

Put the connector in

And push it together. Voila!  As it cools, it tightens up and won't come apart or leak.

I measure--whew--40"

Tape the connected seam for extra security.

And the fun part--picking colors.  I'll use a sparkly tape, electrical tape, and gaffer's tape (for stick).

This will be awesome I think.

I forgot to take a picture of this part--argh--but I put the sparkle tape on first, angling it just right so that I can then lay down the electrical and last, the gaffe tape.  It's a little tricky, this part, to get it smooth and even and pretty.

And here she is--pretty!

I hooped a bit with it, the water makes for an interesting hoop.  You can feel it swishing and shifting and it definitely adds a bit of weight.  I hope this hooper loves it!

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