Sunday, February 13, 2011

new haircut & facebook hoop silliness installment 1

I've always had what I guess I'd describe as 'problem' hair.  Too much of it, too curly in an unruly sort of way to look good without straightening, too hard to deal with.  I never went to the same stylist twice, always hoping for a miracle when I went in and walking out disappointed.  As it turns out, I needed to find both a cut and a stylist that worked for me.  I've been getting some variation of this haircut for a few years now (and going to the same stylist) and am pretty happy with it.  I'd been waffling on trying to grow my hair out but, as evidenced above decided to go with the short stacked layers in the back again.  I just love how it looks, and I love keeping some longer layers around my face.

I've been having some hilarious facebook convos with my friends--specifically with Ernie.  Let's start at the beginning, because, make no mistake, I definitely saved these convos as blog fodder.  They are too good to be forgotten!  I'll be posting them in installments.

Early January:
Status: ohhh yeah! what we've been waiting for! hoopers (any level)--check it out--classes in the 'ville with the fabulous Lynn! Starting tues. 1/11--4 week sessions.
Ernie: oh sure it's just a fun little hoop craze. people gather in masses to hoop with each other. until one day they've got grape kool-aid for everyone to drink. i'm not buying it :)

Krista: Ernie, we were thinking cherry koolaid, but grape will work! ha!

Audrey: Since I have never hooped, I'm a little with Ernie on this one! Ha!

Krista: C'mon Audrey-ya don't know what you're missing :) oh, there will be a party sat. night, anyone 'on the fence' can come see and try if they want.

Krista: er..i'm getting events mixed up...the party is sat. 1/22

Ernie: Y'all are falling for it. Charles manson's a hooper I hear.

Ernie: Classic pied piper move. Stay strong audrey

Krista : ernie-shh! hoopers are gonna rule the world. hell yeah. hoopin revolution!

Heather: All I needed to hear was Kool-Aid....... I might be in!

Ernie:  they start talking about a fund raiser to Guyana and that's your cue to bail. that or they bring in a golden hoop and ask for donations. ask questions and stay thirsty my friend,

Krista: omg Ernie--you're cracking me up! golden hoop....! LOLOL

A few days later--

Status: Just burned the hell out of the grilled cheese. Why can't I get this timing thing down?!

Katie: Damn woman, where did u learn to cook? ;-)

Krista:  Katie--I'm sure my sister Katie could chime in here on my cooking disasters! I don't remember if you were privy to any of them.

Stacy: some of us just aren't cut out to be gourmet chefs.

Katie:  No sorry sweety, the only thing you made for me was a bag of doritos and our morning cereal! Lol best doggone cereal I ever ate!

Ernie: maybe you should try hooping while grilling.

Krista: Katie--omg, i really fixed you cereal? the doritos...yeah, i remember those. good lord, we ate so many of those! xoxo

Krista: Ernie--that's a good one. yes, i should try it! how will i get close enough to the stove though?

Ernie: I don't know. But if you do that...hoop and grill...have rob shoot a video. It'll go viral on youtube

Krista: Next thing ya know, I'll be on Ellen!

Ernie: You make the video and let the hoopn FB friends do the rest. Who here wants to see the queen of hooping on ellen? Bet we get u in L.A. by end of next week.

Krista: Lol! I want to go to LA! grilled cheese and hoopn will take me there! Can any radio dj's promote?!? :)

Ernie:  U don't need any jackass dj to help. All you need is the video on youtube and your Fb friends. You need me to shoot the video? My research team will get with u and rob tomorrow

Krista: Geez-I'm laughing so hard. Yeah - have your people get with mine, k?

So, I don't know if this translates well, or if only we think it's funny...but anyway, I love it.  There is more to come, fo' sho.  :)

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