Wednesday, February 2, 2011

okay, okay....comin' back around

Hello, February!  Hello, neglected blog!  Hello, a few minutes of peace and quiet, because we're digging out of 'icepocalypse' or whatever and have been stuck at home for nearly 2 days.  But the roads are pretty decent now, so I took the kids over to my friends for a few hours so I can start to catch up on some writing deadlines (gosh, I don't know, writing just does NOT happen well here with kids around...). 

So, I'm taking just a few minutes to center and then will dig in to writing, but I wanted to post my friend Mindi's blog, because she's one helluva crafter and a cool hippie chick (btw Mindi, I made my last batch of deodorant and put it in an old Tom's of Maine stick and loooove it).  Mindi and I met via the Current, and so did most of the 'wolves' (our Women Who Run With the Wolves bookclub) which is all sorts of awesome. 

So, I'm gonna be planning this year's (I'm not a) dirty hippie parties this weekend, please comment with any sort of body care/home care item you'd like to make, even if you're not local! 

I'll be posting some hooping pics here soon, too, because I just attended an awesome HoopPath workshop and friends Ernie and Aaron were there and took some photos at the party.  (LED hoops are mesmerizing, btw, I want one!)

Spring is around the corner, too, I love February.  Almost time for sowing seeds inside!


  1. Homemade shampoo. I can do herbal oils, infusions or tinctures if someone is interested in learning. LMK. I am committed to trying to get there. Brandi

  2. OK-copying these over from FB:
    From Heather--I would LOVE the deo recipe! I'm assuming you have a good laundry soap recipe.... I make a perfect one! Have used it for a year..... but it's a very common one. I've been looking for a bath oil recipe.... really need one! I love Skin So Soft... but I'm on my last bottle & refuse to buy anymore..... as it's about the only chemical thing I use.
    I' had been experimenting with Automatic Dish Washer recipes but gave up....... would love to hear of anyone's that is working for them.

    From Mindi-- air freshener! Squirty kind.

  3. And Brandi--YES, I would love that. I've been wanting to do one/all of those but haven't yet. We should do those w/ fresh herbs in the summer!


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