Thursday, December 3, 2009

making magnets

This is so easy and satisfying.  I have this delightful collection of bottlecaps and for the most part, I like to collect things that I can make into something useful as well as aesthetic. So I got the idea to upcycle these into magnets. It couldn't be easier--purchase 1 in. wood discs (you can get them at a craft store) and magnets (craft store also) and hotglue the wood disc into the cap, then hotglue a magnet on. Voila!

And here's another kind which is also really easy and satisying.  A great way to recycle cards or magazine pages into something useful. 

Take those wood discs and a 1 in. paper punch and punch out paper to your hearts content. (Another cool thing would be to take these cardstock circles and glue them spaced out back to back with a thin piece of ribbon sandwiched in between--and voila--garland).

Glue the paper to the disc with UHU glue, hotglue a magnet on the back, and finish with this paper glaze. It adds durability and a smooth waterproof marbly surface.

Package in a metal tin (this gift card tin is from Michaels--$1) and there you go.  Great for teachers, friends, cousins, anyone.  You could also print the alphabet on cardstock and do a whole bunch, or a child or friends name, anything!  I need to go get more supplies and make more! 


  1. These magnets are so cute! My mother-in-law makes hot pads/trivets out of bottle caps. She covers them in fabric, then I think she glues thems together w/ a hot glue gun. Love all the creative stuff going on in your home. =)

  2. Thanks, Eva! And cool idea about the trivet!

  3. Great magnet projects! We're making magnets with UHU also this month at using glass beads. Great little gifts - and love the tin idea!


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