Saturday, December 5, 2009

thrifting finds!

I spent a lovely morning with the children going to a library book sale and to Goodwill (half price day). They each took some of their money and purchased these nearly new books at the library book sale to donate to a toy drive. I got lots of books that I had been wanting to read, or that I have read before but don't own, or that look intriguing.

At Goodwill I got these cute vintage (or vintage looking anyway) plastic mugs, 4 corelle bowls and 6 saucers, 2 small milk glass dishes, a floral sheet, and a sweater for me to wear and one to felt up and make something out of.  And an expressiva nursing top (black w/ floral) Also, more books! 

I spent a total of $36 on the dot for all of this.  I'm striving to live in accordance with my values, some of which I wrote about here, and this feels good.  It's recycling, it's being over the entitlement of 'it must be new to be good enough for me', it's being a good steward of my money, it's treading lightly on Mother Earth, it's being mindful and having a purpose in what we're bringing into our lives.  It's all of that, plus it's pretty fun!


  1. Those are great finds, and thrifting is definitely the most fun way to shop!

  2. Good choice on Traveling Mercies. Good book. I definitely hit Goodwill Saturday, too, for some Christmas crafting supplies.

    (I'm here via your Current in Noblesville column- I'm glad to have found another local's blog!)

  3. Thanks! Joanna, I can't wait to read that book! I'm glad I saw it. And yay, I'm always looking for other local bloggers too. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I can tell you how I found you...I did a search on Google Reader for blog entries on thrifting, and then I saved the search. So whenever someone blogs about thrifty stuff I'm there!


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