Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday was the epitome of a perfect day.  First, it was a Sunday and we love Sundays.  Second, it snowed all day long so we got to enjoy the beauty of falling snow all day long!  We had snow right up through Christmas Eve, then it warmed up and rained all day Christmas, so it was especially nice to get more snow.
So here we go, we took out the children and the new camera to the pretty much one and only sledding hill around. 

Lily is happy (this won't last long--you'll see why).

Getting ready for a run.

Climbing back up (er, crawling).

It's time for Lils and I!

But we hit a big bump at the bottom and toppled out of the sled, so she was not at all happy with that.

We moved over to where the hill wasn't so big.

Eric's run.  Lily is ready to give it another shot.  She and Grace get ready to go.

And this moment right here pretty much ruined Lil's sledding time.  She got a faceful of snow.  My poor love!

Calvin loved the snow.  He was so happy to stand in it and watch the sledders.  He said 'uh oh' every time anyone would take a tumble.

We ended Lily's misery and splurged on a pizza and came home to eat and have hot chocolate.  We hope for more snow on a weekend soon, and we will try again.  Lily may just watch though (or we'll just pull her and Calvin around in the sled).

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