Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice Celebrating

our gift exchange--a coupon book for Rob from Grace for things like mowing the yard, a half an hour of piano time, playing a game of tennis...I'm guessing she is going to babysit for the piano/tennis ones??

We read 'The Shortest Day' and Grace's wonderful St. Lucia book.  We decided that next year on Dec. 13, Grace will dress as St. Lucia and we'll have a St. Lucia celebration.

Eric was so proud to give each sibling a small cloth doll that he had picked out downtown.

Grace made me a necklace!

The new long awaited jammie pants!

I loved how happy they were with them.  They (the jammie pants) are so simple and sweet (well, so are my children).

Eric says the blessing before we eat.

Vegetarian Shepherd's pie-mmm!

Calvin enjoyed playing with cranberries (and later throwing big handfuls of them).

Happy return of the light!

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