Monday, February 1, 2010

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It's February!  I love the month of February--it seems so close to spring.  I do hope we'll get more snow though.  The light seems warm and the days are noticeably longer.  Next month we will be sowing seeds inside--it isn't so far away. 

Yesterday was a pretty perfect day.  Somehow I got four, four! hoops taped which is awesome.  Usually I feel lucky to get one done.  I don't know how it happened.  I was totally in a zone.  I didn't do them all at once, but I kept coming back and doing more and boom, four gorgeous hoops!  I love it when that happens (and that synergy where it just all comes together is so rare).  So I'm excited for my hoop group to start, plus I'm doing a demo at a weight loss group next month.

Rob took Grace out for a bit yesterday for some one on one time and they brought me back a sweet vintage Pyrex refrigerator dish with lid from a downtown shop.  Aw!  Then I was going to take Eric out to Goodwill for some one on one but he didn't want to go!  Said he's tired of Goodwill, he just went last week (true, we did, but tired of secondhand shopping?  what?!)  So I took Grace and we were there 2 minutes before they announced it was closing time.  But I did get a cute sweater, half price.  Then we got a couple groceries and had a good time talking.  She's so funny, smart, sweet, and real and down to earth.  I'm thankful she's who she is and I really enjoy her.

We had a great evening together, all of us, and everything just rolled smoothly.  Lily ate supper as 'Fifi' in her pink poodle costume.  Love it and I'm so in love with my amazing family.

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