Sunday, February 28, 2010

i love old buildings & other stuff

I had such a lovely day yesterday!  Hooped it up in the morning, then Rob and I went on a date downtown, taking pictures of this old school and this building on the circle.  See more at my flickr photo set here.

Then I went to the NPA dinner at Matteo's and it was so nice.  I got to see my dear friend Lynell (read about her halfway down).  She lost her husband Pat a month ago.  The last memory I have of Pat was at the home tour when their home was on and I went to tour it.  He was pointing out the work they'd had done on the exterior of their beautiful home. 

She told me they took every day as fresh and new and lived it up.  They really did.  Not that they never had rough times, they certainly did and sometimes wanted to throttle each other, but they lived to have no regrets.  And they didn't.  That kind of energy is contagious.  That is how I want to live, yes.  Yes, yes, yes.

NPA auctioned off a women's work crew and I am on it.  Lynell won it.  I am so excited to go digging in the earth with a very special woman.  And I and another member bid on the men's work crew and won it!  We're splitting the time, making it much more financially feasible for us.  I want to re-do the sidewalks in the backyard in brick.  I need to find a ton of brick now.  Perhaps tons.

I am writing a special feature for the Current and am so excited.  I think I'm finding my calling.  I also have a pack of women to run with, thanks to this article, and we're meeting in March.  Yeah!  Oh, and I have an awesome husband.  He went to the library last week and looked up a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes that I have never read and he thought I'd like.  That he would do that really touched me.  He gets me.

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