Friday, February 12, 2010

on how to draw

Yesterday we set up drawing time.  Lily loves princesses and pink and she has this fairy and princess drawing book.  It's cute, it breaks down 'how to draw' into simple steps.  I drew the carriage at her request, she added detail.
::be intent::
::be focused::
::make a funny face::
::add lots of detail::
::be contemplative::
::furrow your brow::
::be at peace::

Who reads this ol' blog anyway?  Leave me a comment, I love to read comments.  Happy weekend!  I hope you can find lots of ways to show love to yourself and other loved ones!


  1. Cute photos! I wanted to see what she had drawn! My DD also loves to draw and colour...

  2. Thanks guys! I am always curious who reads. :)

    Dixiebelle--that was my intent, but she gifted it to my sister before I could. :) I love their creations!

  3. Hello There,

    I read too!


  4. I read too, or stalk rather, since I've never commented before... :)

  5. Hi Lisa, nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for the comment. :)


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