Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it's not all perfect

Sometimes I wonder if I present a 'too perfect' view of my life.  As though there are no messes, no problems, no bills waiting to be paid, no children that ever fuss or fight.  Oh no.  Oh hell no.

Yes, there are all of those things, and more. But I don't show them here.  I'm no superwoman, nor do I try to be.  I just try to figure out who I am and be true to her.  I blog about things that move me and are important to me and things that I want to capture and remember.  The unsightly messes and the daily grind fit none of those things, so I don't mention them.

I want this to be a special, uplifting space.  There's a quote I love that goes something like this:  "People wonder why movies can't be more like real life.  I wonder why real life can't be more like the movies."

I want to capture that wonder and that magic and make my real life 'more like the movies.'  More grand, more amazing.  Those dirty dishes in the periphery, stacked beside the cookies I just baked?  Nope, not showing it.  Except for now (below), to show that it's real too, but I want the good stuff, the creating for the people I love to be the focus of what I write here.  And that's what I want my children to remember.  And what I want to remember, too.

coats piled on the table
compost patiently waiting to be tossed in the garden
pizza pans...from 2 days ago
toys all over
open dresser drawers, too
clean laundry...waiting
various items on other table

Calvin loves to try on shoes and clomp through the house.  love.


  1. refreshing! We all have things we don't show or at least don't like to. Yet we all somehow believe that means everyone else has it together. Humans....they're so crazy:)

  2. Yes, and really, who has it all together all the time? Impossible. :)


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