Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow, playsilks & 'I'm not a dirty hippie' party

Rob took these shots on his way home from work yesterday--we had a beautiful snow and it was so heavy and wet that it stuck to everything like crazy.

We dyed these lovely playsilks with my friend Joni and her children yesterday.  They did yellow, red and orange and they all turned out beautifully.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the process. 

Below--I had an awesome 'I'm not a dirty hippie' party tonight with 10 other women.  It was so fun.  Really, really fun.  Fun to share food,  talk and laugh, and make something earthy and useful.  Recipe from here.  Every single one of the women I have things in common with--different things perhaps--but I love that we all share some common ground.  Tonight what brought us together was homemade deodorant.  And laundry soap.
this jar (by Casey) says 'Krista's Hippy Pits Mix'.  Ha!
Oh yeah...Vermont Woodchuck and a seed catalog that will not sell genetically engineered seeds--sweet!

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  1. I followed your link from Simple Frugal Green Co-op and just love this idea. Ths photos of the snow are gorgeous too!


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