Friday, February 26, 2010

i love this shirt.

I got this ruffly shirt at goodwill recently.  totally seredipitous--I was walking by the dressing room reject rack and there it was...along with the black and white wool sweater I recently shrunk.  So I grabbed it and love it.  At my recent 'I'm not a dirty hippy' party, several of my friends asked if I had made it.  I have totally considered it (copying it I mean), since I love it so much.  It's this nice crinkly cotton.  I fear wearing it too much, what if something happens to it?  When I put it on today, I noticed the tag and looked it up--Cino.  Holy cow.  Spendy!  See a similar shirt here

Speaking of thrifting, all my jeans are wearing out at once.  I just got 2 pairs for ten bucks.  Woot!

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